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Nature is our mental health counselor. Learn to make good use of it.

In today’s episode of the mental health series, we will be learning about some natural ways to release stress.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on us all from those in the medical profession to children and young adults who can’t go to school anymore. It has been a pretty hard journey and an unexpected one at that. I guess I did not realize that staying home for a long time could also pose some threats to my mental health. I began to notice changes in my mood, relation to others, and how I handled stress. Going to work all the time before the pandemic, I felt I would love it if I could stay at home, but this isn’t what I hoped for. In trying to adjust to this new normal in society, I began to notice the natural mental health coaches in nature. When you feel stressed, take some time to do some of the following and you won’t regret it.

Listening to the sound of Rain

This is my all-time favorite and what I listen to when I feel stressed. There is just something about the calmness at one point and the chaos. The different frequencies distract the brain resulting in calmness and stress relief.


This is a favorite of most people in the States, and it is very satisfying. Hiking cannot only help you develop your mental health but can reduce your blood pressure and also reduce your chances of diabetes. It calms you down by reducing the amount of cortisol in the body. I would recommend this anytime. COVID should not stop hiking as long as safety measures are in place.

Reading outside

This is another personal favorite that I enjoy doing. Read with the help of natural light, get some vitamin D, and brighten your day. You don’t necessarily need a hammock for this to happen. Just a comfortable chair will do.

Our Furry Friends

Most if not all pet owners feel very warm around their pets and that warm feeling brings about relief and comfort. My personal biases are towards dogs and cats especially when you have one of each. Cats will always be the snobby and dramatic ones, learn to snob them too.

Always remember its you and us


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