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What Leads to Poor Mental Health?

Updated: Mar 1

Mental health is defined as a state of well-being that can affect your emotional, social, and psychological behavior. Mental health is important in all stages of our lives as we develop. Once the mental health of an individual is not attended to, it can affect normal growth and development. The mental health of children can be affected by the people around them and the type of language they hear those around them speaking and this can be detrimental to them all throughout their lives. In this series of mental health, we will be discussing what it is, why there are controversies around it especially in the black community, things we can do to have good mental health, and some motivational quotes that can help in instilling positivity that can encourage and help grow a sharp and productive mind for each day.

Mental health is a delicate aspect of the life of an individual and it has the ability to prevent an individual from achieving their highest capability. Mental health does not just affect one aspect of your life as most people think but it affects all aspects and renders you emotionally and psychologically handicap. There are many things that can lead to poor mental health. In this episode, we will be looking at broad categories of causes of mental health. As the episodes progress, however, we will be looking more specifically under the broad categories we are going to be looking into today.

The first category we will be looking into is the history of mental illness in one's family. Mental illness is known to be caused by genetic and environmental factors. Studies have shown that people who have mental illness in their family have a 17-28% higher chance of being affected with various kinds of mental disorders compared to the rest of the population. It does not necessarily have to be directly passed from father or mother. As long as someone in the family has/had a history, individuals of that family have a higher chance than the rest of the population.

The second category that we will be looking into is stress. Stress is defined as a feeling of emotional or physical tension that can cause people to feel frustrated, nervous, and sometimes angry. due to the demanding nature of our societies, most people here in America and generally around the world experience some sort of stress although at varying degrees. Students experience stress due to homework, exams, or even concepts they do not understand well. Most people working experience stress because they are tired, can’t meet deadlines or there is just too much to do. It can also be due to financial instability which at some point most people experience. Since most people experience stress does it mean that most of those people have mental issues? The answer is no. Stress is definitely a trigger for mental health, but it depends on the intensity of the stress you are experiencing. Most people experience stress and within hours or a few days, are able to get themselves together and move on. Others on the other hand get so overwhelmed by the stress they are experiencing that it leads to depression and lack of sleep. Once these two begin, they open the door for a variety of mental health problems to start.

The third category which we will be looking into is lifestyle. I know lifestyle is a broad category but let’s not forget that mental health comes in different forms. It includes eating disorders as much as depression and anxiety. Our lifestyles affect our body’s functioning greatly. Decisions to use drugs, smoking, diet, abuse, relationships, sleep, meditation, and many others are major factors that can cause brain chemical imbalance and lead to mental health issues.

These three major factors play an important role in causing and also preventing mental health issues which is why they are included in this first episode of the mental health series. In the subsequent series, we will be looking at how we can prevent mental health issues and how nature provides us with natural cures for them.

Always remember, it’s just you and us.

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