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Sharing Too Much

Updated: Mar 1

Welcome to the fourth episode of the friendship series. Today, we will be talking about how much sharing you should do with your friends. Today’s topic may have people reacting differently which is fine. As long as we disagree with each other in a respectful manner.

For people we call friends, we should be able to share somethings with them that will help increase the bond and make the friendship worth it like I mentioned in episode 3. However, one should keep in mind that the level of friendship matters, and even at that, some information is just too sensitive to be shared with even the closest of your friends. Here is some information that if you share, you might be stepping over what is allowed.

The first is telling your friends ALL of your future aspirations. As I have mentioned in previous episodes, you do need your friend to be someone who shares a similar or common goal with you so that you can help each other. This, however, does not mean you should share EVERYTHING you plan on doing. Psychologically, when you tell people all of your aspirations, you do not strive to achieve them and that is because you kind of feel fulfilled as though you have accomplished it. On the other side, not all your friends may be enthusiastic about your ideas which is the number one killer of innovation. When you need feedback on an idea you have, it is not everyone you tell. Learn to hide and prosper.

The second is sharing how much you make. This information is as personal as it gets not even your girlfriend or boyfriend should know unless you are married. This can add some burden to the friendship as jealousy may set in or the other person may ask you to foot the bill every time you hang out if you make more than them. I am not saying that is entirely bad, but it will become a burden sooner or later. It’s good you share your progress with your friends, but exact figures are not necessary. One cannot really control the onset of jealousy, but we can control what we do about it. So, what happens if your friend cannot control their actions?

The third is telling your friend about issues or deficiencies in your relationship. This is a big no and I think many people will support me on this. A romantic relationship is between you and your partner and no one else. Learn to keep these things to yourself as they may cause the breakdown of your relationship or may even cause your friend to lose respect for your significant other.

The final one I will mention is telling your friend all your weaknesses. We all have weaknesses and imperfections that we deal with from time to time and it is important that we learn to share some of these and work on them to improve ourselves. However, it is not every weakness you share with a friend as it can blow up in your face. Somethings are just not told to every one of your friends.

These are somethings that you should not tell all your friends because they might end up destroying the relationship or blowing up in your face. That is not to say that you don’t talk about these things to anyone at all. You know the people around you and how trustworthy each of them is. Know who to go to and who to pause on. Always learn to hide and prosper.

Always remember, it’s just you and us.

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