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Welcome to today’s episode of the mental health series and we will be talking about self-reflection and why it is important. Self-reflection is when you begin to look neutrally into yourself. Your thoughts, actions, goals, interests, and many other things related to you. It is important to realize that the concept of self-reflection works best if you can tell yourself the truth and be honest about your failures and mistakes.

Based on the demands of the societies that we live in, we might at one point forget what we set out to do. You might begin a job by saying I will work only a few years, get more education, and move on to a better job or you might say just for the experience and I will get a better job. Some people started out like this and were never able to move to the better job they hoped for and that is because they got caught thinking in the spiral of their present that they failed to self-reflect and move forward. Self-reflection does not only deal with goals. Your actions are included. Taking a step back and looking at how you reacted to a situation. Is that what I want to be known for? Could I have done better? How best can I handle such a situation in the future? These are questions you get to ask yourself that will bring an improvement in you as an individual and get you closer to your goals. The time you spend self-reflecting is also an opportunity to measure your progress in a positive way and have a good sense of the direction for your life.

As you keep reflecting on yourself, you begin to feel you have control over your life which is important for your mental health. Having control over your life allows you to sleep well and be more productive. I would advise that we all learn to self-reflect monthly and then at the end of the year. Most people start a new year with the statement, “new year, new me or new chapter” but end up in the same cycle they were in the previous year and that is because they failed to plan and reflect on their lives and decisions. You start college hoping you will get good grades, but some friends step in along the way and you start getting bad grades. It's fine. Just self-reflect, be honest to yourself and see where you want to be in the near future, and plan your life. You dropped out of school, that’s fine, Bill Gates did too but he did not just sit around hoping for a miracle. He worked on his ideas and future aim so self-reflect every time. As long as you are alive, you have the chance to make positive changes to your life and be the best version of yourself. Do not be afraid of your failures and or mistakes when you self-reflect. Remember it is an opportunity to challenge your thoughts, change track progress, make sense of things around you, and live with more intent.

Always remember, it’s you and us.

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