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Updated: Mar 1

Being a parent is a stage in life that can excite some while causing others to be nervous especially after the first child. It is definitely not an easy journey as it comes with learning, compromising, and a different kind of emotional connection you really have not experienced before. In this parenthood series, we are going to delve into the issues parents face, planning as parents, raising kids, budgeting and spending, personal and family growth and we will also have interviews with different parents on their perspective on parenting.

In this first episode, we are going to be looking into the level of commitment needed to become a successful parent and what really does a successful parent means. Becoming a parent whether planned or not requires a level of commitment that if not taken care of, not only affects you but the child you just brought into this world too who is your responsibility. It requires that you give up certain things you love doing at least for some time, give out a certain level of love you didn’t think you had in you, and a certain level of strength to see things through. In upcoming episodes, we will go into what parenthood entails. If you are a first-time parent, sit tight and learn with us.

Finally, in this series, we will be subjectively defining a successful parent as one who is able to provide for their kids while instilling the appropriate disciplinary attitude in them to position them for a successful future with or without you. Most people think being a good or perfect parent is to be your child’s “friend”. Don’t get it wrong, it is good to have a good relationship with your child. However, once the line between those two is blurred it becomes hard to get your child in line. We will go deep into these concepts in the coming episodes.

Always remember, it’s just you and us.

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