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Catching up with others.

Updated: Mar 1

Today’s episode is about comparing yourself to others.

As we keep aging and going through different stages of life, we imagine how we want our lives to be, the profession we want to go into, and many others. However, be it unfortunate or fortunate, life is not a movie of our imaginations, so things do not always go the way we want them to. Someone might end up having the dream life you wished for and you may get what the other person wished for which is what makes life mysterious and the future unknown.

Through all this, it is important to realize that life is not a race so do not entirely seek to compete with others. I used "entirely" here because sometimes this competitiveness may help you succeed but beyond a certain level is becomes unhealthy and brings down your excitement levels. Have you heard of relative poverty? It is as a result of trying to compete or catch up with others. Opportunities will be given to everyone at one point or another and it is your duty to make the best out of it.

You may see others enjoying things you wished you had. Be it a family, vacation, and many others. It becomes a great encouragement if you are able to tell yourself to work hard to get there but can turn on you if you begin to wish you had what they had at that particular instance. You have no idea how long the person worked or fought to have what they have. Most people struggle with thoughts like these, and it is normal I believe. Different people have different experiences and different opportunities that make them successful at different times so appreciate your timeline and just do your best in everything. Another thing is, you do not necessarily have to wait till you are older before you start thinking about success in life. You can start at any time or age by making use of the internet and brainstorming ideas. As you age, you will realize that you will get the most support when you are still a minor so take advantage of your standing. Don't bother catching up to others, just do your best.

Always remember, it’s just you and us.

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