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Mental health affects every aspect of life from your relationships to your lifestyle. Learning about it and how to cope or avoid it is always the best. Join us as we learn about mental health, lifestyle, and literally anything else. Learn and invite others you know. Let's build a community of stable support. 
Always remember it's you and us.


Parents or Friends?

Welcome to the second episode of the parenthood series and today we will be shedding more light on how to be a parent and a friend to...


Being a parent is a stage in life that can excite some while causing others to be nervous especially after the first child. It is...

How to enjoy learning

Have you ever thought of the reason why you find it so hard to sit and study for a couple of hours or even stay in class for an hour...

Language and Brain Development in Kids

Welcome to this episode of the parenthood series! Growing up as a kid in our current society, it is almost hard not to hear someone say a...

Cute Notebooks


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