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Mental health affects every aspect of life from your relationships to your lifestyle. Learning about it and how to cope or avoid it is always the best. Join us as we learn about mental health, lifestyle, and literally anything else. Learn and invite others you know. Let's build a community of stable support. 
Always remember it's you and us.



Welcome to today’s episode of the mental health series and we will be talking about self-reflection and why it is important....

Mental Health and Immune System

In this episode of the mental health series, we will be talking about ways to keep your immune system up and functioning effectively. The...

Supporting Each Other

In today’s episode of mental health issues, we are going to be talking about how Covid anxiety can lead to increased mental illness....

What Leads to Poor Mental Health?

Mental health is defined as a state of well-being that can affect your emotional, social, and psychological behavior. Mental health is...

Catching up with others.

Opportunities will be given to everyone at one point or another and it is your duty to make the best out of it

Loss and Grieving

Welcome to the sixth episode of the mental health series and today we will be talking about grieving and how to deal with it. The thought...

Cute Notebooks


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