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Mental health affects every aspect of life from your relationships to your lifestyle. Learning about it and how to cope or avoid it is always the best. Join us as we learn about mental health, lifestyle, and literally anything else. Learn and invite others you know. Let's build a community of stable support. 
Always remember it's you and us.


Calling out your Friend

As I have mentioned in previous episodes, being able to call out your friend is one of the reasons why you are their friend. Yes, it...

Sharing Too Much

Welcome to the fourth episode of the friendship series. Today, we will be talking about how much sharing you should do with your friends....

What Makes your Friendship Worth It

Welcome to episode 3 of the friendship series and we will be talking about how to be a good friend. As I have mentioned in the previous...

How Important is Friendship

Welcome to the second episode of the friendship series and today we are going to be talking about why friendship is important. Take this...

The Concept of Friendship

There is this word that is used very often but people do not know exactly what it means and how to walk in those shoes. That word is...

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